Friday, 24 May 2013

May 24.2013

 I just got back from a brisk walk through fog and drizzle. In addition to feeling soggy, and needing mini wipers for my glasses , I also was unusually short of breath.  This got me to thinking about my health in general and my heart in particular.... yes, to those who doubt it, I do have a heart.... physically anyway!!

While flipping through my email upon my return I came across an article from the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I am going to share it with you with their kind permission.

If you thought heart disease was a ‘man’s disease,’ think again
The Mother’s Day bouquets may be fading, but the “I love you” messages stay with women throughout the year. And those messages take on an added urgency when you look at the facts about women’s risk of heart disease and stroke. Too many women, whether mothers or not, put the needs of others first and neglect their own health.
Share these facts about heart disease and stroke with the women you love. And help them make taking care of themselves a priority every day of the year. 

Assess your risk at
Visit The Heart Truth for tips and prevention advice just for women.

For more info on this subject  check out this link.

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Source: Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada.


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  1. I wonder if the increase in heart disease in women is due to our faster pace of life, stressing out, eating on the run. Like men used to do (and still do but now women are too.)

    1. Excellent point, Karen. We are still the "nurturers" but have somehow, in all the rush, have neglected to take care of ourselves. I have found if "we" don't do it, who will??