Tuesday, 26 February 2013


February 26,2013

As this short month of February enters its final days I would be terribly remiss if I did not dedicate at least one post to what February is all about..... at least from a health perspective. That,  my friends, is a discussion about Heart and Stroke Month.

I always thought that  infomercials about heart health, and stroke were for older, and infirm people, but in this day and age, everyone is impacted. Yes, even you bloggers who are reading this now... perhaps you have wee ones running around the house or tugging at you to play with them. Perhaps, if you are a few years older  your children were sent off to school today with healthy lunches and you feel you have met your obligations! Or, just maybe, like me, you are a bit older but because you are so busy you have never really taken the time to think about what your family would do without you, or,what you would do without someone you love and hold dear.                          
I recently was in contact with a member of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and they were most happy to allow me to use their media advertisements to help, not only me ( as I have  found out, I too have a  serious need to reassess my heart health), but those of you who,who, ...  well, you know who you are----don't you.? I could not begin to share the stats... and they are staggering...the health benefits... and they are easy and simple, that the Heart and Stroke Foundation has accumulated, but  this page will give a great starting point for the journey FOR YOUR LIFE! 

PLEASE, if you do nothing else for yourself in the next  3 days but read and think about this issue, than it is very possible that the quality and quantity of  the life you share with your family will be increased!!

Further information can be obtained  by checking out this site.

Photo credits from Heart and Stroke Foundation site & Google images


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  1. That is so true, that we spend so much time doing every day things, we hardly stop to think what might happen to those we love, should something happen to them or ourselves. I even 'gave' to a canvasser, at the door this month, but hardly gave it another thought.
    Thanks for taking the time to obtain permission and for the reminder and the link to such great information.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

    1. Perhaps it's an age thing, but we all, regardless of age, should be heart healthy and aware of our own mortality!