Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Wellness --- Snoring

October 9,2012

                                                                Snoring        zzzzzzz    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz   zzzzzzzzzzz!!

While mulling ideas around in my head  what topic to address for the Wellness post today and heading to the medicine cabinet to get a pain killer for the headache I woke up with, I realized that the cause of my discomfort was in fact ....snoring.
And the strange thing is, it was my husband's snoring that was the culprit.!! Now you have to realize that we have been sharing a bed for 40+ years and one would think that this noise would have gone unnoticed or at least over looked by now, but NO it does not!!

I have tried ear plugs, another bedroom down the hall, and several pillows piled high on my head,but nothing works! After realizing that the abominable noise is not all about me but is a result of a very unpleasant noise that my sleeping hubby is emitting. It is important to note that snoring is just that ..... a noise.... like talking is the result of vibrations from our vocal chords, stomach growling is a result of vibrations in the stomach and intestines, then snoring is a result of the turbulent air flow that causes tissue to vibrate during sleep.

Contrary to what I believed,  people of any body type snore. A thin lady or a large heavy necked man have that same chance to snore. About 45% of men and 30% of women snore.

During the day we breathe in and out with relative ease and little or no noise, but when we sleep the area at the back of our throat narrows and as a result the same amount of air still passes through, causing the tissues to vibrate, with the resultant sounds we lovingly call snoring!

What to do:

-There are behavioral changes that may help. Generally speaking, if you gain weight your snoring will increase.  This type of change is a lot easier to say than to accomplish.
- Dental devices may help when the area at the back of the throat becomes restricted, by keeping the tongue and palate from blocking the airway.These are individually made  by your dentist.
-Changing sleeping positions may help, at least on a temporary basis.Sleeping on your back causes the airway to be restricted more easily so side sleeping helps.
- Over the counter devices that  keep the anterior nasal passages open are another option. Fact: Did you know that the body automatically changes which nasal passage to be dominant,  about every 8 hours? ie, which side of the nose warms, filters and humidifies the air we breathe.
-If these basic changes do not help with persistent snoring, it is advised to seek professional help.

Now, to get my sweet hubby to read my post!!!  Sleep well!!

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  1. Hubby doesn't snore, but I do, badly. A friend swears by nasal strips so I have just ordered some samples to see if it helps. We do sleep in seperate rooms although on vacation we share a king bed and hubby still moved out some nights. My mother snored badly too so I guess that's where I got it from and she could wake the dead.

    1. Haha. That is interesting. Thanks for your input! I hear the nasal strips work pretty well for some people. Good luck!

  2. The nasal strips do work, fairly well, but for serious snorers, often medical intervention is needed as this can lead to cardiac problems along with marital problems! I find 'the other bedroom' usually works best for us.

  3. Contrary to what my husband and sisters say...I do not snore!! However, my husband does and earplugs are your friend! Nice post, I'll get him to read it!