Friday, 5 October 2012

Frivolous Friday--- Grammar

October 5,2012

As this post has no specific theme... hence the name, Frivolous Friday... I have decided to attempt to  have a short string of continuity for a while ... or  is that awhile ?? This is the quandary I have found myself in on occasion.
 In an attempt to learn, or relearn,  what is grammatically correct I sought, and found, a very  old book entitled Grammar is Important    A basic course for Canadian Schools by A.W. McGuire,B.A.   This particular edition was first published in Canada in 1949, and in the U.S. in 1950. The eighth edition ( which is the one I am looking at ) was published in 1957.
A lot has changed in the last 55 years but basic English grammar is still, I believe, pretty much the same.

What I plan to do , every second week, is summarize a small portion of this text that I find may be as useful to you as it is to me.  I must admit though, as I am doing this, I feel a wee bit of paranoia about the mistakes I have already made or may be making as I write this.  I intend to skip the basics, ie, nouns, verbs, adverbs etc.,  and focus instead on  things that  I need reinforced and hopefully it will be helpful , useful or just plain funny!

Along with this, I also found a "newer" text called The New Webster's Fingertip Factfinder by Donald O. Bolander, M.A.,Litt.D. copyright 1987.

Just so you don't mark you calendar in an attempt to avoid these posts, I will give you and idea of what I mean!!

Imagine the excitement of learning the difference between transitive, intransitive and copula verbs!!!  Oh, and then things like the Correct use of Verbs !!  I know,I know, you can hardly contain yourselves. Then there is... or is it there are... Active and Passive Tenses, Emphatic Tenses, the correct usage of words like "lie" and "lay". How about these two words..."farther" and "further"
Farther pertains to distance  ie. How much farther do you want to be away from the computer screen?
Further refers to degree or extent but not to distance. ie.  I can go no further with my descriptions of the posts!!

  I am enjoying refreshing my fading memory and just maybe you will have some fun with this as well.

See you in a couple of weeks...... I hope!


  1. This sounds interesting Patricia. Don't remember copula but do know my transitive and intransitive. I curl up inside at grammar mistakes frequently made, particularly on this side of the ocean.

    1. I know, Jo, me too! At least we ( of a certain age) had the benefit of training in grammar. Unless I am mistaken it is a dying subject. Kids text now with sentences like " C U L8R ,AFA"!! At least they are communicating and that is always a good thing.

  2. I need this in the worst way...I always seem to be Googling this or that and trying to figure out what is correct. I'm looking forward to learning all about proper grammar and FYI...I have no clue what transitive, intransitive and copula verbs are let alone the difference between them!! {There is a good chance I was "sick" and missed those}

    1. Not to worry, Monica, DID know all about theses things, but with the "spell check" and such have forgotten more than I knew. It will be a relearning experience for me as well.