Friday, 19 October 2012

Frivolous Friday -- Grammar 101

October 19,2012

This  is a series that  will appear on the Frivolous Friday slot for the next little while, in bi-weekly increments ( for fortnightly if you are from Britain). Although it is very basic grammar, most of it I learned while in junior high school.... now called middle school and the presentation reflects that age group.
 I am not a teacher, not do I have any idea what is or is not taught in the system today. It is just an idea that presented itself when I came across a grammar text ( see Oct.5/12) that was used in the schools "in my day".  I am hoping to refresh my memory and maybe even relearn a few things, but mostly I am going to make the effort to keep it, light, informative and above all, fun and humorous.  Hope you enjoy.

Series #1


-names a person, place or thing.  ( I told you it was basic!)
-may be Common or Proper ... just like we are sometime.... but mostly we're proper,right?
-may have "stand ins" called Pronouns.....who have their own "groupies" called
                                        -Personal Pronouns ( I,me,he, him,you,we,us,they,them,she, hers,his,
                                                                         yours,theirs,mine)There are three kinds  of
                                         personal pronouns. First person ,Second person and Third person.
                                        -Compound Personal Pronouns (  myself,yourself,himself,herself
                                        -Interrogative Pronouns (who,whom,whose,which,what)
                                        -Demonstrative Pronouns...from the Latin demonstro which means
                                          point out. (this, that ,these,those)
                                        -Indefinite Pronouns ..stand for no particular person or thing. ..I know
                                       people  like that. (some, few,any,all,several, one, none,both,either,  
                                            neither,many,each others)
-called Singular Number if one person or thing or Pleural Number is more than one person or thing.
  Remember the pronoun "you" is the same singular as it is pleural.

One view of the city where I live.
Now the hard part, putting that "noun"stuff to work!!  Ok, I'll give it a try. Feel free to correct me or let me know my errors!!

This city  is in the province of New Brunswick and I have lived here most of my life, and I think you would like it yourself.

I'm not about to do an analysis of  this sentence..... that's another day!



  1. Love the photo and love the lessons. Jr. High or Middle School was many, many, moons ago. Thanks for the refresher and look forward to more.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  2. Thanks,Kathy, it's a work in progress!

  3. I love this series and what a great refresher! It has been many years since I was in Junior High and I certainly don't remember even half of what I was taught. Looking forward to more lessons!

  4. It is a weird thing to do, considering this is a blog..... and I should already know that stuff, but as it states, it is a fun thing and I love fun!! Thanks for the reply!