Monday 29 June 2015

The Joys of June

June 30,2015

Can you believe it, another month has whizzed by us. I had hoped the march of time would uncharacteristically  slow down somewhat.  Just to please me..... is that asking too much?!

Monday 15 June 2015

Flowers and Fog

June 16,2015

As you may have surmised if you have read any of my recent posts,the weather is a dominant factor, and it is usually is not favorable. We have, however, had a run of 3 or 4 days of sunshine and warm temps but I was busy enjoying them and not snapping photos. I am drawing on a few I captured awhile ago.

 Fog can be rather mysterious and calming if taken in small doses. It shrouds trees,grasses and plants in droplets of water without damaging any delicate blooms.

Monday 1 June 2015

Anatomy of a Yard Sale

  June 2,2015

Along with earlier sunrises and warmer temperatures in Atlantic Canada, Saturdays are special to a breed of natives known as "Yard Salers" Although generally a quiet and docile animal, they have been known to exhibit unusually contentious behavior if  sale signs are not to their liking or if challenged in any way by others of their species.

There are certain traits that distinguish  them from the run of the mill people who just wander into a yard sale out of curiosity. Most notably, they arrive, park where they stop, and begin a ritualistic assessment of the wares on display.  They can be seen with a coffee cup in  hand as they purposefully mingle with others of their ilk. Most will nod or smile in the direction of the "Seller".This is also known as Posturing. It gives the impression of kinship and increases their chances of getting a better deal when, and if, haggling occurs. These finely tuned ceremonies are part and parcel of what makes a Saturday morning Yard Sale so much fun, whether you are selling, or one of the "Salers"(not to be confused with the east coast "Sailors"). I have been an active participant in both categories and also enjoy being part of the rarer breed known as the "Casual Observer"!

Monday 25 May 2015

Evening Has Broken

May 26,2015

Each week, or at least every two weeks,  I try to come up with a "theme" for the "Wordless Wednesday" posts. This week it is "Sunsets".  I have given myself permission to enjoy the sunsets and seasons of Spring ( what's left of it) and Summer and that means not worrying or thinking about anything to do with posting on my blog. Secondly, it also means that I don't have as much contact with you.... and I miss that. Now, the dilemma that is presented is ...what to do? Perhaps a compromise.

The photos that I am posting are from my ..(gasp).. cell phone and for that I apologize. I have a weakness for sunsets and these made me feel very peaceful. I hope they do the same for you.

The Spring thaw left the river swollen and carried with it fallen trees and logs, like this one, still floating to shore. The sun was just about to dissolve into  the  water when I was able to capture it.

Another days- end that is not so much spectacular as  quietly peaceful..... I can live with that.

And one  more of the same location. It was this lone tree on a tiny island that caught my eye. Despite the turbulence in  area the little tree settled in and is quietly beginning to process another rebirth.

Have a wonderful week!

Monday 11 May 2015

It's Just a Walk in the Park.

May 12,2015

 Being retired, one of the ways I keep in touch with former work mates is sharing a coffee or lunch. This week a few of us did just that. It had been a long time since I was in the company of  this particular  group and we reminisced about our nursing days, and how "these young people don't know how easy they have it". I think every senior worker in just about any trade,  profession or job of any kind feels that they learned things "the hard way".I have no doubt that  those ahead of me/us said exactly the same thing.

When lunch was over, those who did not have other plans, decided to go for a short walk in a nearby park.

Monday 27 April 2015

And They Call It Puppy Love

April 28,2015

I have been an animal lover as long as I have had a memory. We had a cat... or feline friend... as you cat -lovers would call them for about 6 years, a lovely seal point Siamese cat.

After a period of being pet-free ...but not child-free, we decided to get a dog..... a six month old Golden Retriever... that became part of our family for 10 years, and later, another  Golden that lived with us for an additional 8 years.

The feeling of loss that we experienced with the last pet was the deciding factor in our resolve not to have another pet..... in our home. But like "grand" children, "grand" pets can visit, romp and play, give and receive lots of love..... then return to their respective homes.  This  is the case with  "Zoe"  (rhymes with Joey), an 8 week old Golden Retriever  that belongs to our daughter and son-in-law.

Monday 20 April 2015

Short City Sojourn

April 21,2015

While walking and driving about my city this week,  I managed to capture a few pictures. Actually I should clarify that I was not behind the wheel and was therefore able to look about and find something that I thought might be "post-worthy".  This is not an easy task as there is not a lot of Spring evident, at least in the conventional Hallmark, tulips -blooming-fluffy yellow chicken, aspect. Thanks to hubby for being my chauffeur.