Friday, 9 November 2012

Frivolous Friday-- My Confused Garden

November 9,2012

For those of  us whose habitat is in the area of the 45 parallel  we experience 4 distinct seasons. Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. Each season has a plant growth specific to that season.
Typically, new buds and fresh green shoots poke  their heads through the fertile earth in Spring.   Summer produces blossoms and blooms that bear witness to the warm, long days of that particular season. And of course, Fall... or Autumn, as some call it, has the radiant  foliage that makes our area of the world  forget that in a few short weeks the cold harsh  season of Winter will rear its ugly head.

Lately, however, it appears that Mother Nature, ( never did figure out why this term is used. A tad bit sexist, I'd say!) is seriously confused.

I was out in my little garden  two days ago,(Nov.7) and took the following photos of  plants  that are not sure if they are coming or going. They will soon find out!!

Truly representing Fall we have these pics.

A Dutch Maple, that has perhaps only once in the 25-30 years since it was planted, displayed such glorious color. Previously it just faded and dropped its leaves.

I just love the pattern the leaves make on the grass!

This hearty Zebra Mallow, along with a couple of violas  still continue to bloom as they did in the Summer.

And, lo  and behold, after trimming away dead plants, I found theses optimistic youngsters  pushing through the earth, fully expecting to fulfill their destiny!!

Even this lovely rosebud, thinks it is Spring. Alas, I feel it will suffer and untimely demise as freezing rain and subzero temps are in the forecast  for tomorrow.

All of this untimely growth does have an upside, though, it is another reminder that hope does spring eternal and change is inevitable.

Carpe Diem!!


  1. Even if the poor plants get confused, they'll still look beautiful come Spring. I too, love the way those perfectly formed leaves are spread across the still green grass. Great post!
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Spring seems a long way off now, but if the plants can be optimistic, so can I!!

  2. Oh wow, look at all the little plants thinking it is spring. I also love the contrast between the beautiful leaves and the green grass and the hardy little Zebra Mallow...what is she thinking poking her head out into this cold weather and the rose bud, I never knew they would begin blooming again!! Love the photos and the story.

    1. Nature is such an unpredictable force,sometimes beautiful and sometimes not so much. We are so fortunate to live where we see all seasons with such distinction. Thanks for the reply.