Friday, 7 September 2012

Frivolous Friday

Lying on my back gazing skyward through out Maple tree.

Hello!  Well, how was your summer?  Did you get time to do all the things that you planned? You know,  when "summer" is in the near future and we are eagerly anticipating a time of  childlike freedom and endless hours at a setting of our, beach, camp site, travelling etc., or just not doing what were usually do, every single other day of the year??

Walking on a beach with Grand daughters.
Do you know that I would have to answer "YES" to that question.( sorry, but felt compelled to use "shouty capitals" here).  I enjoyed more freedom, restful sky gazing, and countless meals outside than I have had in my entire adult life. I kept waiting for  sky to fall, or to wake up and find that I was just having a great dream, but you see, that never happened.   The truth of the matter is  that I am thoroughly and completely enjoying a "pre retirement"!

There is still part of me that has some guilt feelings about not dragging my weary self out of  bed in the am and frantically  rushing off to work, but I am putting serious effort into ignoring that part and replacing it with peace and quiet....... so far so good.!!~

Enjoyed many beautiful sunsets with my husband.

I am, however, hoping to return to some semblance of a  schedule with my blogging, so I plan on continuing to blog on Tuesday about health issues with a focus on  mental health and on Fridays.... like today, about what ever happens to tickle my fancy!!!! Humour is an important aspect of  my life and I try to convey that in whatever I do. Life is serious enough so a little levity now and again is needed!


  1. What a perfect description and choice of of photos for Summer. It's wonderful that you got to do all the things you wanted this Summer.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Perhaps a bit idealistic of me , but, it worked for me for now!!

  2. I already am missing summer, love how you described your summer and also love the peaceful photos!

    1. Thanks, Monica. I,too, am missing summer, but it was a good one, and there is always next year. For now, bring on Autumn!!