Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Tempus fugit sed vita bonum est *

The annual ceremony surrounding the "first day of school and  "back to school" tradition continued again this year.
Our two older granddaughters started grades  6 and 4 respectively. Becky, 11yrs old, started her first day in Middle School. When I went to school grade 7 was Junior High School, but both signified a right of passage where the "little kids" were left behind and the first of many steps of the educational ladder had begun. Paige, 9 years old  and going to grade 4, is still young enough to enjoy primary school from the vantage point of seniority!

The "first day" of school, however, belonged to our youngest grandchild, Tyler. Entering school for the first time has to be one of those snapshot memory times when , 20, 40 or 50 years later you can recall the emotion and sense of pride and fear that goes with being tossed into a classroom of  contemporaries with not a single familiar face in the mix.!  Fortunately, his older sister, Ashlee, is in grade one and will be there to comfort and care for him at lunch time.

The purpose of this story  is that I have spent some time recently reflecting on how time has passed so quickly and not only has my "first time at school" become a thing of the past,( ancient past at that) so also, has that of the youngest son of our youngest son! ( bet you went back and reread that thinking I made a mistake!)

Time goes quickly and I, like many others, wish it was not quite so quickly, but in the end all is well.... and I guess that is what it is about.  This is my emotional wellness trip for this week, learning to deal with the inevitable.

 After a sunny summer, torrential rain the day school opens!
Be well!
* " Time flies, but life is good."


  1. Last year my youngest graduated from h.s. and my grandson - from my oldest boy - started kindergarten.. The never ending circle.. :) Great post.

    1. Thanks, MiMi, you are so right, it is definitely a never ending circle, and we are fortunate to be part of it!!

  2. As you know, we have one grandson already graduated, three already in school and still a few years before the youngest three of the grandchildren will be in school. BTW; I still remember 'my' first day of school in the 'big city'....in ancient times also.
    Love the memories. But one of 'my' fondest was of the day all four of by girls boarded the school bus together. I still have the picture, complete with the sideways dirty looks from the older ones, to prove it.
    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Always good to have pics for backup!!

  3. I'm sure there are lots of mixed feelings on everyone's part...excited to be embarking on a new adventure but sad to be leaving the old and familiar ways behind. I hope Tyler had a wonderful first day and I just know his teacher is in for many a chuckle from that little joker!!

  4. You are so right, Monica, those certainly are mixed feeling for all the children. Also, I agree that Tyler's teacher is indeed in for a fun time!!!