Tuesday, 19 June 2012


June 18,2012

Although I am trying to keep my blogs short and hopefully sweet, I cannot  contain them in one word, but if I could that word for today would be "appreciate".Now, this word covers a huge range of emotions and feelings.
From waking up each morning..... who doesn't appreciate that....... to being able to interact with those around us, and for that matter the appreciation of  those people around us that have influenced us and made us who we are today. To stay true to the "short" part as mentioned above, I will describe a very abbreviated version of appreciation.

With Father's Day just behind us, I would be terribly remiss if I did not let the world know how much I appreciate  the kind, gentle and very persuasive teachings and ministrations of my late father.  For those of you who probably have picked up on the fact that I used the present tense of the word for something that occurred in the past, this was deliberate and not a grammatical or typographical error. I appreciate now what he did then to make me the person I am today. I loved Dad then and I continue to love the memory of him and all the sacrifices he made so that his family( my mother, two sisters and two brothers) would feel cherished and special.  Ok, so I am getting a wee bit melancholy here so must move on.

Another group of people that  merit appreciation would of course be teachers. From the kindergarten
to college or university type of teacher, to the friend, co-worker or neighbor that taught you some valuable life lessons. All of these people are reflected in what you say and do, and how you think.

Let us raise a glass.... or mug, or china cup, or water bottle, in praise and gratitude of  people that we appreciate!!

I just have to show you the "thank-you" gifts that my daughter is giving to  her daughters' special teacher in appreciation of all that they have done !  What a great "Mommy" she is !!

Brightly colored planters with tags.
                    ~ Take care~

Close up of thank-you tag!!!


  1. I agree. Life with technology has supposedly made our lives easier, albeit I'd correct that and say busier. Because of the latter, we often go through this life without "appreciating" the little things that make life wonderful.

    You are indeed fortunate to have had such a great father. In a sense he is still alive because of your fond memories.

    Nice post.

    1. Thanks, Jeremy, that is such a kind comment!

  2. Appreciation is something that is so lacking in many ways, nice to know you feel that way.

  3. I think many people feel appreciation but cannot or do not know how to express it. Hence, as you say it is indeed lacking.Thanks for your nice comment.

  4. Aww, that is so sweet of her. What a good Mom she is!! We all need to take a few moments and 'appreciate' all the good people we have around us and in our lives.

    1. You are so right, Kathy. What would I do without them!!

  5. Awhhh, what an awesome post and a great reminder to us all to be more appreciative. I LOVE the thoughtful gift made by your daughter for her daughters teachers....especially love the tag.
    {I've pinned it!}