Friday, 22 June 2012

This is my attempt to do something on the mini challenge  re HTML sponsored by Aeryn Lynn in Basics of HTML 
This is a picture that was added to a post of mine several weeks ago.
 This is my attempt at a "subheading"
I seem to be having difficulty with the "table" thing...... funny 'cause at my house the TABLE is the thing that I am most familiar with!!!!LOL
I see that another blogger was advised to "copy and paste" so am applying that strategy here so that the mandatory requisite is met!!
  After doing this I was unable to go any further as my cursor kept refusing to go beneath the table. ? to do?  
 This was fun... take care!


 Not quite sure what this would be used for, but at least it is here!!     <--

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  1. Hi Patricia! I attempted answering some of your cues here, but blogger didn't like the idea of me talking about table code in it's comment section, lol. You can see my answer here though:

    Anyway, thanks for participating! :)