Saturday, 26 January 2013

Blogathon WeekEnd -Day 2 Mini Challenge

As part of the blogathon, there are several mini challenges that have been posted. The contributors of these challenges are incredibly smart techi-types, but in their kindness they are helping people like me to learn new aspects of blogging.  One of  these is  challenge #8- Photo Editing Tools for Bloggers @ Geek With Style   Here is my entry.

After reading  your pros and cons re different types of Photo Editing tools available, I feel I should give it some thought before investing. I now use a simple but effective site called picmonkey  to edit most of the photos I use. I must state here, however, that I do not know how to put a watermark on my pictures ( I realize there is a challenge for this.... have not attempted it .....Yet). This site crops, resizes, and all the basic tools for free (now).  I have a Windows 7 operating system,and am cautious. If Aeryn Lynne is having difficulty I am not even attempting it!!

I picked this picture of a lonely picnic table in the winter snow because it has a sad kind of beauty to it.
The only things I did was enhance the color and add my blog name to it. I would appreciate any help or advice.

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