Friday, 9 March 2012

Frivolous Friday

Wow, has a week gone by already!!! Hard to believe.

In this part of the world -Atlantic Canada- the school age children have what is known as March Break. In my day.......oh, good Lord, I sound like my grandmother!!!!!....  the spring break coincided with the Easter Holiday and we called it Easter Vacation.  But, what ever it is called,it is a time away from  school, between Christmas Break and the Summer Vacation.  For many this is a chance to "go south" ie...Florida for a time. For a great many more, this is a time to just "hang out"!! For my Frivolous Friday moment this week, I have captured my beautiful grandchildren doing what they do best and that is just being kids!!!!

We  had the pleasure of  having them spend time with their Nana and Papa and although it was quite mundane by some standards, it was infinitely more to me and to my husband.  We are given the unique ability to see the world through the eyes of children. Oh, we did this with our own children, but we did not have the "gift" of age and time,we were too busy just "doing" to actually stop and appreciate all that we have..  To have my granddaughter say to me," Nana, this is the first time I put cookies in the oven that I made by myself", I acutally felt that perhaps,just maybe, I  might have made a little difference in her young life. That is quite a huge deal to me!!. I am posting photos of these delights today.

They are seen either, learning to use a stethoscope,  eating cookies on the way out the door, taking special cookies off the pan, or just plain old "hanging out" and watching a  favorite TV show. What ever it is, they are happy and in turn so are we. Really, does it get any better?!!


  1. Love the photos of the little ones having fun. We had a similar kind of 'March Break", just spending time with the grandchildren. That's what being a grandparent is all about. Those are the memorable times.
    You've given me an idea for my own post.

  2. much fun is this!! They look like they're having an amazing time with their Nana and Papa!! Love all the photos.

  3. How lovely. So nice to "meet" you Patricia. Thanks for your visit and lovely comment on my blog.

  4. Thanks, Kathy and Monica, and nice to "meet" you as well, Karen.