Friday, 24 February 2012

Frivolous Friday

In keeping with my idea to post something of a positive nature, that involves  simple things that occur in our daily routine, I am adopting "Frivolous Friday" as a header for a weekly blog. These posts are not earth shattering events nor are they of the inspirational variety. Instead , to quote a current catch phrase, "it is what it is". If there are such events in your life I would be happy to learn of them and with your permission share them on this site.

The topic of this weeks blog is COFFEE.  I need to make you aware that there probably are few people in this world that hate getting out of bed every morning as much as I do. I need all the incentive I can get  to drag my sorry  self  to a standing position!!  The aforesaid coffee, is just the trick needed to affect this transformation!  My wonderful husband, who, incidentally arose between 0400 and 0500 everyday for 39 years, does not have my "condition". He is the brewer of early morning coffee, if for no other reason than to have company  while drinking his  morning beverage of choice.
Now, it is necessary to say that the type of coffee is , of course, a personal preference, but  the basic java does the trick for me if it is percolated in our ancient electric coffee maker.There are many additives, cream, sugar, milk , honey or any combination  that pleases you. I have enjoyed many delicious flavored coffees that are particularly enjoyed with the company of friends and/or family. There is something to be said for just lifting the lid of the large can and smelling the unadulterated  ground coffee beans! Mmm, take a deep smell..... isn't that lovely??
One other fact I must mention, though, is that I just drink coffee ( at least on a regular basis) until 11:00h. After that it is  tea..... but I digress and that will  be a blog  for another day, perhaps!


  1. Hmmm Coffee. My favorite food group. : )

  2. Look at you,looks amazing, great post!! Congratulations, from one coffee addict to another!!

  3. Great post and wonderful idea for a regular Friday post. I had tea, this morning, with breakfast. I agree, it's just not the same without coffee.

  4. I love the smell of coffee - so rich, so warm - but I hate the taste. I wish I liked it:-/ I mostly drink fruit teas and occasionally rooibos with vanilla or Earl Grey with lemon.

  5. I am a regular coffee drinker. The first cup must have cream and sweetener - all later cups must be black. And I am a coffee snob (I am snobby about nothing else), and we order our coffee from a Vermont Company - already ground - but that means I am not THAT much of a snob, because true coffee snobs want their coffee ground just before they brew it!! :-)

    And as for mornings - nothing much important happens until I have started my first cup of coffee in the morning. One time I tried to post a blog on no coffee - I thought it was pretty good, until I looked back later and discovered otherwise - deleted the post and reposted - fueled with coffee.


  6. I MUST have coffee to get going and stay going! Dunkin Donuts coffee if my favorite :)

  7. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Ah coffee,can't live without it and drink way too much of it!

  8. Hello Patricia,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. Nice to "meet" you. As for coffee, caffeine does not agree with me, so no can do. But I love the smell and taste.