Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Wordless Wednesday w Linky

December 11,2013

You know the old axiom ..everything old is new again... well that is the theme of this week's post.

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about "Elf on the Shelf" and the crazy antics and limitless energy this little creature exhibits. Our grand children  speak in hushed and revered voices about what the elf can "do", while I, on the other hand listen in amazement at the lengths the kids will go to behave in front of these creatures!!

Waaaay back ( probably before most of you reading this were born) a handsome young man gave me a cedar chest... I'm not explaining this one you have to look it up...for Christmas. As it was much to large to wrap he presented it to me with an arrangement of greenery and an elf  sitting on top of it.
To this day, the now ancient elf still sits atop some piece of furniture in our home at Christmas time. His agility and color have severely faded but he still has a twinkle in his eye.
What do you suppose he is thinking of the youngsters that take his place today?

It just wouldn't be Christmas without my Elf somewhere in the house!


  1. I still need to get out our elf! I guess that less trouble he can get into though! lol

  2. Oh wow - he looks so much like the EOTS that we have today. I love that your elf is still kicking around after all that time.

  3. LOL that made me smile

    Have an elftastic week and thanks for sauntering by ;-)

  4. Your elf is so cute. I guess you are a trend setter before your time!

    Never got into that elf thing - my kids are to old for that now.

    Thanks for sharing. Love your pictures!

  5. What a cute elf! I've never seen them in blue...

  6. lol..The original elf on a shelf, darn it, if you had patented that little guy you would have been a wealthy women!

  7. What fun. And yes, if you had patented that you would have been wealthy.

  8. Those old elves are the best! I used to have a couple that I got attached to boxes of chocolates. Have no idea what ever happened to them. Sure wish I had one now. I will certainly have to come up with one before next Christmas!

  9. Super cute. So, I'm guessing this has to do with shoveling snow.
    You're right, there are lots of elf stories going around this time of year. A friend posted a picture of her elf in the liquor cabinet. Had to shake my head. :)
    Lovely photos.

  10. I have a few elves like yours hanging around from when my mother was young. Most of them end up on the Christmas tree! I'm not a big fan of the Elf on the Shelf trend—but I also don't have children so I might later!

  11. i've been amazed by how the elf on the shelf has caught on--everyone's doing it, or so it seems! your little guy is cute. :)